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  • 22.07.2009
    Another shoot at the nudist beach. The two girls who agreed to expose their naked bodies in front of strangers are Julia and Maria. At the casting they looked kinda like shy teenagers about to do the most reckless thing in their whole life. Well, Julia admitted that looks didn’t lie. It turned out that the girls bet a friend of theirs that they would spend a week sunbathing at a nudist beach and show him the photos to prove it (lucky bastard! :)) Right after the bet was made, Maria found our advertisement about nude beach photo castings for the ladies. The girls decided to get the best out of the situation. Enjoy the next nude beach shoot by X-Nudism!



Passers-by couldn’t stop looking at them even when we were still on our way to the beach! Can you imagine what happened to the sunbathers when our cuties got stripped in front of them? The girls were fully aware of the fact that all the attention was now turned to them - and they did their best to use it! There was a beach ball in our ride so the girls decided to play some nude volleyball. Hope you understand what stunning poses they were taking during the game… Is it worth mentioning that most of the men on the beach had to turn over and keep on watching lying on their bellies… :)

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