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  • 15.07.2009
    Here goes another shoot at the public beach. Erm, sorry, actually it was not a public but a nude one. The girls who agreed to pose for us are called Daniela and Monika. Both of them had been sure that the shoot they were to participate in would take place in the studio like all those glamorous Playboy-style stuff. There’s no need to say that they got really ashamed when it finally dawned upon them that they were going to get naked not only in front of the cameraman but also in front of the hungry eyes of common sunbathers. However, soon they managed to overcome their shame. It happened when Monika finally got all stripped and offered Daniela to play some badminton. The girls got absolutely absorbed by the game - they seemed to have forgotten about everything around them. So, we are glad to present the “Nude Badminton” series to your attention. Don’t hesitate to take a look at our young sporty cuties!



The two girls who agreed to star in our project are called Olga and Sarah. They are bosom friends, so it’s no wonder why they share even the most secret things with each other. Olga told us that her friend had already been to a nudist beach – it was her ex-boyfriend who had invited her to try it. Since that time Olga had also been dreaming to visit a beach where she would be able to get absolutely naked and feel the touch of sun on the most secret corners of her body. The girls had no trouble getting rid of their clothes at the beach. Sarah told us that getting naked in front of each other was no sweat for them since they share one room in the dorm and are not ashamed of seeing each other’s bare booties.

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